It's so very easy to become lost in the craziness of the world, you can easily lose yourself, your sense of inner peace, your sanity and often in my case your memory too.

You see about 7 months ago I hit burn out, yes it is an actual thing! So many times when we hear this it is easy to roll our eyes, sigh and say whatever! But, honestly, it is the illest I have ever felt or been, so much so that it gave me a kick start into a brand new direction for both my health and my weight.

My journey was that of Adrenal Fatigue, something which occurs with extended periods of stress. It cannot be seen, and therefore, we carry on as though everything is all right, if we pretend it away then it will get better ...wrong! I think my biggest shock came when I was flying home to Cape Town from Johannesburg and I couldn't relax my arms without it feeling as though my kidneys were going to burst in my back. I was hot and then I was cold , I was nauseous, I was tired and I couldn't focus ... I just had to get home!

As the airplane landed after two of the most uncomfortable hours of my life, I couldn't even lift my bag out of the overhead storage and had to ask for help. I finally got off the plane and halfway through the terminal I had to stop and sit because I was too weak to carry on, but I still had to pay for my parking and drive home. By the time I got to the car I called my mom to tell her I was leaving the airport and that I was not well ... just in case.

To cut a long story short I made it home but I felt as though my temperature had just broken as if I had a cold ... it was a fever and an episode of adrenal burnout!

I have spent the past 7 months trying to undo years of physical abuse of food (by myself and on myself), years of mental abuse from others and prolonged stress of failed marriage, job stresses, and disappointment ... but never again.
I am now healthy, strong and 32 kg's lighter than before. I take a truck load of supplements to help me deal with my health weaknesses in the area of stress ... which may never be as strong as it once was ... but that's in God's hands.

The team at Skin, Body, Brain and Health Renewal have been amazing in supporting me on my weight loss journey and coaching me on the importance of health, diet, lifestyle and supplementation. I highly recommend them. No, let me re-phrase, they will always be the first and last recommendation for skin and health related issues by me!
I also had to make a few lifestyle changes , I was inspired by another blog called MindBodyGreen . I came across and used a self-help article of theirs incl.a helpful post which I used and changed as a point of reference for my life. I laid out the changes I planned to make and meet.

To quote them:

'My life has transformed, and the only thing that changed was my decision to give me what I need.'

Here are the  things I stopped doing to help me reach my newfound levels of personal freedom, self-love, and health. What do you want to change?

1. I am going to make time to read, even if it's two pages per day.
2. I'm no longer going to feel guilty for leaving food on my plate. Instead, I'll listen to my body.
3. I'm no longer going to ignore my spirit voice, I will always listen to wisdom and discernment.
4. I'm no longer going to listen to 'others' opinions about my life. I'll do what feels right for me.
5. I am no longer going to worry about money. I'll always have everything I need, and I allow God to take the reigns.
6. I'm no longer going to think my life is off track. I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be and I choose to make peace with where I am, what I have and do not have!
7. I'm no longer going to deflect compliments. Instead, I'll say thank you and learn to be gracious.
8. I am going to learn from my mistakes. They are learning opportunities; I'll embrace them all.
9. I'm no longer going to force myself to do anything I don’t want to include blog on days when I don't want to (sorry not sorry).
14. I'm no longer going to live in fear. Instead, I'll choose love.
15. I'm no longer going to put others first. To love yourself is not to be selfish. If the inside is nurtured, the outside will flourish.

I hope you enjoyed this and I encourage you to love yourself, look after yourself and do it for no-one but yourself!