Dove have recently reformulated their core hair care range DOVE NUTRITIVE SOLUTIONS, these previously fabulous hair care products just got a whole lot more AHMAAAZZZING!

The fragrance alone is enough to send me into an olfactory orbit (a.k.a nasal orgasm), it's simply just heavenly.

Interestingly Dove recently did a survey, in the survey which they ran via WOMEN24, DOVE discovered that 80% of women feel that their hair affects their day to day mood. When asked to describe how they feel about their hair, the top three responses were:

1. My hair relates to my identity/personality
2. It's a constant challenge
3. My hair is a source of confidence

I have to say that I would agree with all of you! I have recently lost a substantial amount of hair due to hormonal adjustments being made by my body. Having always had 'curly wurly' hair, it has always been plentiful, fine and never devoid of volume and taken for granted. No-one has really noticed my hair loss (thank heavens) ... but I have!

Your hair is just, as they say, your 'crowning glory' and yes, it does indeed affect how you feel! I have also noticed how my hair products leaving a lovely scent in my hair has caused passers-by to stop and enquire what I am using ... we all love looking good and smelling good!

I got to try out the DOVE INTENSIVE REPAIR RANGE  which consisted of the following:
- Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo
- Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner
- Dove Intensive Rinse Off Treatment
- Dove Intensive Repair Treatment Cream

This range is formulated with Nutri Keratin Active which repair and restore your hair over time, what I love is that they have developed the range very similarly to that of a skin care range. There are products which are interchangeable for seasonal periods such as now.

In Autumn, my hair needs extra moisture so I can swap out the conditioner and replace it with the rinse-off treatment cream, especially when my hair is tired and dull. Now, at last there is a mask to boost the hydration and radiance of my hair ... I love it!
Overall I love the new formulations , I love the fragrances and I love the variety. My sad hair story will soon have a happy ending. My hairdresser has already confirmed that I have loads of new hair coming through ... yeeha aaa! ( can you hear the drum roll ... the Hollywood announcer as he says ' and now, the return of The Curly Wurly Gal!' ).

I'm weird I know! But hey, that's just me.

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