Mascara's are all the same right? Wrong, in fact, you have never been more wrong as in ever!

I have the MOST PATHETIC LASHES and so mascara to me is a rather big deal! I was so excited when I was sent a pack of the latest Revlon mascara's to try ... a box to be revered and used with wonder and awe, as each tube of mascara was carefully weighed against the next.

What makes mascara's unique, even when they come from the same brand?
For me, it's the following:
- The colour deposit
- The brush
- The application and does it do what it says it will?
Of course, with Revlon discontinuing all previous mascara's and launching five new lovelies this was a real treat for both the lashes and the senses (a feast for the eyes), I mean look how pretty this are!

Let's take a journey with my #MascaraDiaries and seeing if I could #ChooseTheOne with Revlon.

So first up was my already favourite the ALL-IN-ONE MASCARA:
You can read my full review on this red-capped beauty over here, but in summary here is what makes this mascara unique:
- a unique mini oval-shaped brush, which makes application on my pathetic lashes an absolute dream. No mess on the upper lids and buildable cover ... yes, please!
- this mascara delivers on its promise of VOLUME, LENGTH, DEFINITION AND INTENSE COLOUR

** I have, to be honest, and say this is still my number one choice! 

This is my #ChooseTheOne #chosenone

I do love me a little drama even if it's only for my lashes, you know what I mean?
- this mascara has a unique smooth formula designed to coat the lashes with clump free application. This claim was true, but I struggled to build my lashes with it.

- it has a unique lash separator brush, which is a medium sized brush, it works well and distributed the product evenly ... on this point it was a definite win!

- A unique clump free plumping formula, and yes this baby sure did add va-va-volume in no time at all. I did, however, find the brush to be too bulky for my piddly lashes and as a result continually bumped mascara again my top eyelid.

I know, I know there is no hope!

- Triple grooves designed for maximum coverage with both short and long bristles, with 94 % of women reporting plumper lashes ... as I said va-va-volume is a win with this pink beauty!

This green capped number gave me sweeping ostrich eyelashes to die for, I just needed more volume ... so hard to please I know!

- It has a unique luscious lengthening formula which builds quickly for an extended lash, but once again the brush is too bulky for my lashes ...sobs!

It will not, however, go to waste in my makeup bag *winks*

So I guess this one is last, but definitely not least!

This mascara would be my contender for #ChooseTheOne RUNNER UP!

- It has a high shine black fibre formula which gives great length and volume
- The brush has a squarish shape with a full but slim brush which gives the perfect amount of product on the lashes, as well an intense colour and flexibility.

Overall I just love the new Revlon Mascara's they hold a proud position on my makeup dresser and it's fun getting to choose which one I feel like every day (enjoy it whilst you can right?).

I can also honestly share that the new REVLON MASCARA'S have definite staying power and often outlasted my Fit Camp sessions, if that's not staying power then I don't know what is!

- Black
- Blackest Black
- Blackened Brown

** not all mascara's are available in all colour options, or the waterproof option so do check in store.

Go on spoil yourself, try one or two as one will never be enough, and at just R149.99 a pop a girl can afford to splurge on a little whimsy.

Revlon is available in majority of the leading retail and pharmacies in South Africa,