I am all about Lazy Sunday's spent on my couch with a good book and all 3 of my cats pile on top of me. 

You see there is nothing as comforting as kitty cuddles and unconditional love.
If you have ever owned a pet and loved it like a child, you will understand how this love gets reciprocated 10 fold.
The annoying cat under your feet, the surprise's left in the lounge (dead mice ...argghhh!) they are all simple acts of love and adoration.

So when my Lazy Sunday comes along you'll find me on the couch with Mischka on my lap, Tiger on my armrest and Dukie at my feet ... my version of a 'kitty snuggle fest'.

What's your idea of a Lazy Sunday?

1. Buy any one of the Montego Dry Food, Wet Food, Treats or Sauce for dogs(sorry kitty lovers) between 01 February 2016 and 29th March 2016. 

2. SMS your name and your favourite Lazy Sunday activity to 45775 and Montego could reward you with R50 000 worth of appliances, furniture or home modifications.

I know I could do with a little home makeover ...hells yes!

I don't know anyone who's offered me the opportunity to win R50 000 for sharing my lazy habits, what are you waiting for? For more info and T & C's visit wwwmontego.co.za

P.S. I got spoilt with the most amazing PetSafe pet feeder for my kitties, it has two bowls which can be set with a timer for anything between 1 - 48hrs ... guy's this is only like the best thing since sliced cheese and I'm gonna have to get me another for when I travel.
(I obviously need to feed 3 kitties or else I might have a hostile kitty take over).

** Disclaimer:
Please note I cannot comment on the pet food as 
a) I was sent dog food and I have kitties and 
b) due to health issues my cats are all Hill's Pet Nutrition kitties for their joints