To me, Monopoly is a taste of my youth , hours spent with cousins and friends on a carpeted lounge floor. It was one of my favourite 'conquer and destroy type games'.

I loved to imagine myself as the budding the land tycoon and snap up whole blocks at a time! Planning houses and hotels became an obsession and we all vied for the best properties.
Did you know? 
Mr Monopoly appeared first on the cover of a game called 'Rich Uncle? 

Now, we are lucky enough to get our own local Mzansi Monopoly and better yet, they are asking you to cast your vote BEFORE 31 MARCH!

Monopoly Mzansi, a localised South African edition, is set to be available in-store by the end of the year. South Africans have the opportunity to take part in the location selection process and decide which recognisable locations they want to appear on the board by voting for their choice online.

Since its debut in 1935, the MONOPOLY brand has captivated more than one billion players around the world and continues to grow. 

They need your vote and to help spread the word as voting closes the 31st of March.

For more about Monopoly Mzansi visit: 

I'm off to cast my vote, have a super day everyone :)