It's funny how life runs its course and one get's older and wiser as we walk this rather bumpy and often uncomfortable journey.

I have recently had to make some rather serious life decisions , decisions which have also made me realise how flippantly we treat love and life when we are young. Everything seems replaceable and we are often of the opinion that if you miss one opportunity, it's okay ... because the next will come along.
I realise now that I have had so many opportunities at finding love, some I dismissed and others ... well, to be honest, I just walked away from. I am divorced and whilst I never chose this path for myself, I can honestly say that I know for me my divorce was the right and best thing ...despite the last 7 lonely years.

I don't think it is an accident that I found God after 18 years of a rather empty, unfulfilled and colourful life. In fact, besides the loneliness and work challenges the last 7 years have been some of the best years of my life. I am blessed with so many amazing friends and a spiritual family I absolutely treasure.

Tonight I found myself watching Fireproof again (yes, I have watched it a few times) and amidst all the tears ... I came to realise how carelessly I have treated love in the past, and so today I wanted to share my take on love, on what I have learnt and I hope in some small way it might make a difference in your lives ...

1. Count Your Blessings
Never take each other for granted or assume you know what is happening at each others workplace, set time aside to just share and LISTEN to each other

2. Never Go To Bed Angry
My grandparents taught me this and it is a life lesson which I treasure: 'Never go to bed angry' because you never know if you will wake up in the morning. Make peace ... forgive each other and cuddle yourselves to sleep. Each new day will bring a new set of challenges.

3. Love Is Unconditional
Loving another person means accepting the good and the bad in each other, not criticising and pulling each others personalities apart. Every day choose to encourage and bring out the best in each other and together you can make changes for the better.

4. Trust When Broken Can Very Seldom Be Fully Restored
Trust is something which is earned and not gained, when trust is broken down in a relationship or marriage it is very seldom restored. Trust is a bond which unites two people as one, it allows you to be vulnerable, it allows you to be intimate, it allows you to show and bear your heart and it gives your partner the power to be no. 1 in your life. Treasure it and never take this precious gift for granted.

As I sit here I dream of finding that special someone again, my forever someone who I can walk this weird thing called life with. I now know the value of a man who loves me 'the right way' , thanks to God I now know what love looks like and what I desire ... but I also know it will take work, patience and a life long dedication.

I hope that my life lessons may be even a smidgen of help to you, but most of all I pray that you treasure the love in your life ... and that you choose to make each day count!