It's amazing how embarking on a health and weight loss journey can really affect the way you look at what you put into your body, how 'fresh' the products you consume are, and what are the hidden ingredients in your food and drinks.

You see the reality is that the hidden sugars, fats and preservatives are just like little gremlins, they are hiding in the shadows just waiting to pounce onto your hips, stomach and butt ... and these little buggers hang on for dear life let me tell you!

Whilst I have never truly been a large food eater, I certainly am a nibbler and I like tasty food. I actually consider myself to be a 'foodie at heart', so how can I turn what seems like a death sentence into something positive?
Well, I have learnt 4 vital things on my journey ...

1. It's okay to leave food on your plate
Food cannot talk, it cannot convince you to overeat and/or make bad choices, that my friends are all your own doing and in order to take control we need to say NO to the extra helping or wrong food. Portion size is vital, you know how much you are allowed to consume, take control and leave the excess behind or alternatively take it home as another meal.

2. Coffee choices
I have found that where I once frequently consumed full-fat cappuccino's as though they were water, I now relish an occasional 'skinny cappuccino' and better yet I've really learned to enjoy an Americano savouring the actual coffee taste instead of drinking more milk than coffee.

3. Find what works and stick with it
Plan your meals so that they contain fresh, healthy vegetables and fruit, it may take more effort but ultimately your skin and body will thank you for it.
Save your splurges for when you have meals at restaurants, but stick within your basic guidelines and portion size.

When visiting a restaurant don't be tempted to overindulge ... you will regret it!

4. Drink water
Water does wonders for your skin and body, what few people know is that you should be consuming, at least, 1l of water per 30kg of weight you are carrying. Water helps to flush the kidney's, liver and helps to keep your whole body hydrated.
Did you know for every cup of coffee you drink, you should drink another of water, all thanks to coffee dehydrating properties.

So whilst I may not be in a size 36 jeans yet, I am well on my way, far healthier and you won't believe how many years younger I look from simply eating fresh foods and drinking more water.

I am now definitely an Americano with a few Skinny Cappuccino splurges and I am far happier this way.

One of my favourite indulgences is Beanies Coffee, you can get these at Checkers & Checkers Hyper they have great flavours (which are not sugar syrup based), and have less than 2 calories per cup ...yes!