A long long time ago there existed outdoor movie theatres known as drive-ins , people actually drove their cars into the grounds, parked next to a pillar with a speaker, hooked it on the window and settled down with their bucket of popcorn to watch the movie.

No this is not a fairytale! It did indeed actually exist and is now all but extinct. Galileo Open Air Cinema's have however restored a little modicum of vintage into the entertainment and movie category with their exceptional outdoor cinema concept.
Galileo Open Air Cinema's operate during the summer months from specially selected locations throughout Cape Town. What I absolutely love are the fabulous old school 'romcoms' that they still show at these open air cinema's ... there truly is nothing better than a girly movie on the big screen.

The venues are all unique and feature different offerings, some with food trucks or alternatively food stalls. All venues offer delicious warm meals to fill the tummy but don't panic they still have the traditional popcorn and soda's. Prices vary anything from R40 - R60 for hot food.

Movie Prices:
To make your experience as comfortable you can hire backrests and blankets to stay comfortable and snug at all times ....aaaah!

The Galileo cinema experience really is what you make it , you can bring along your own picnic and blanket if on a budget, but nothing can replace the wonder of seeing a movie on the big screen in the great outdoors.

I recently got to take a friend with me to watch Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts in Notting Hill, it was such fun as the entire audience laughed together, cried together and at the end refused to go home in the vain hope that maybe there would be a little something more in the credits.

For more information visit here: http://thegalileo.co.za/

I absolutely adore The Galileo Open Air Cinema and plan to visit again very soon! In fact, Mamma Mia is coming up in April ...woohoo!