I must say that I have made a point the last few months to set aside 15 mins every night to read and clear my mind. I went through about 3 months of book club last year where I didn't manage to read a single book. I would arrive and book club and hang my head in shame as it came to my turn to share on the books I'd read ... but no more!

I am actually managing to read book club books and my Penguin Randomhouse books ... yay me !

So here is my latest read from Penguin Randomhouse Struik and I must say it was a tear jerker in the end, but a lovely read all round.


Author: Anna McPartlin

Published: 2015

Soft Cover

ISBN: 9781848271951

From the publishers:
'And just like that my boy was gone.'

Maisie Brennan is standing on a podium on the twentieth anniversary of the death of her son, trying to find the first breath that will help her start talking to a room full of strangers. A daunting task at the best of times, but she's also menopausal and one hot flush away from totally losing it.

But as Maisie begins her story, she soon relaxes and word by word disappears into her past, back to 1st January 1995 – the day when one misunderstood action led to a chain of events that changed her life for ever...'

At the epicentre of this book is the Brennan family, however the storyline is in actual fact wrapped around three main characters:
Maizey - A single mother whose family are struggling to get by, mainly thanks to an abusive now ex husband/father who just had to go!
Jeremy - Maizey's son, older than his years, but struggling with shame and a rather large secret which he cannot share with anyone (or so he thinks)
Rave - Jeremy's best friend who is constantly trying to escape from a dysfunctional home, addict of a father and the history of a mother who abandoned him. Rave is also hiding a rather large secret, but under the guise of bravado and popularity.

These three main characters lifes are littered with colourful events and sub characters such as Valerie, Bridie and Fred, all of whom draw you into the story and make it seem as though your are just bursting at the seams with frutration. As you witness blunder upon blunder, and secrets which are fast unravelling you cannot help but continue to read on.
What a fantastical read, although to be honest it took a while for me get used to the colourful language and jargon used in this book (the Irish are rather colourful, in a 'no holds barred' kinda way).

The story line is intriguing and quickly draws you in making you turn page after page as the story unfolds. I did find a few parts a wee bit tedious and longwinded, but overall I could not wait to see what happened next.

Whilst I won't spill the beans and share the outcome of this book, I will say that it left my heart feeling warm and fuzzy but very very sore at the same time. It is un unexpected ending with much sadness, but at the same time a promise of hope.

Somewhere Inside Of Happy, made me realise we all have an inner sanctum to which we escape, but wouldn't it be so much better to share our secrets no matter the consequences?

It is my first time reading Anna McPartlin and I absolutley adored this story , I will be back.

Disclaimer: Features homosexuality