So I guess it puts a smile on everyone's attached person's face when they hear the word 'single' and 'happy' in the same sentence,  that is unless they are having relationship issues (in which case they might wish they too were single).

The reality is that when you are truly comfortable in your own company, when you are sure of your personal identity (the good, the bad and in my case that of God) ... you can actually be happy being single ... honestly!

Now does that mean I wish to remain single for the rest of my days? Heck no!

I would love nothing more than to meet my forever life partner, someone to journey and navigate this bumpy road called life, someone to comfort me with a warm hug, kiss me goodnight, and wake with me in the morning as we hit the floor running.

I dream of a Godly man that can handle a free and independent spirited woman, one who has a passion for giving and receiving gifts, who loves 'fancy food' and of course my gorgeous fur babies (#crazycatlady).
In the meantime I have discovered a Five truths to a gal's singledom which aren't so bad, in fact they just might be downright sad or funny depending how you look at it:

1. A clean house is a happy house
I don't have kids, and so I like that it takes minimal effort to keep my house clean this is a definite plus. Now if the vacuuming and dusting could just happen magically, I would be beside myself with glee! THE TRUTH, THERE IS NO MAGIC MAID.

2. Always check under the toilet seat 
When getting guests over, if you are a single gal this doesn't get done often enough ... and let's face it SPLASHES DO HAPPEN!

3. There is a concept in the singleton's house known as FEAST OR FAMINE.
You either have so much food you wonder what got into you, or else you need to rush off to the supermarket in order to be able to make what is known as a meal!

4. Cupboard domination will happen
If there are empty cupboards, a woman must fill them. Where you once needed just one wardrobe, you will suddenly find yourself needing two ... this means more shoes, bags and clothes will soon migrate into the spare room closet. SHOPPING TIME!


5. You can run but you can't hide
The amazing thing is that even though we know we are single, we still buy NAUGHTY NIBBLES & TREATS and pretend they are for someone else, especially when it comes to food.

No matter how much you pretend or hide it ladies, that 'junk' will sit on your 'trunk' (a.k.a. ASS) in no time! Keep these treat as to an occasional splurge, and keep the cupboards as a 'junk free' zone ... it will be tough, but it can be done!

The life of a single lady is not the same for every gal, but I do know one thing .... life is busy and so if you wish to see me or invite me out ... I will need ample notice because who the heck sits at home waiting for a 'potential' knock on the door!

All the single ladies, rock on! Be happy and live life to the fullest! Lastly, always share the love by being there and encouraging fellow single gal's we all need love and support from time to time!