It's all the about the eye's when it comes to expression, that moment when you sashay into a room and a gorgeous guy catches you from across the room ... your eye's meet and ...

Well that's what most of us gals dream of anyway!

The reality is that whilst the eyes are the window to soul, many of us struggle to get our eyelashes to even acknowledge this. I am eternally on the hunt for a mascara that can boost my lash volume, add length and make it look as though they even exist.

I recently got sent the GOSH Boombastic Swirl Mascara to try and here is what I thought ...
Here are some of the key benefits of this mascara:
- Infused with Argan Oil
- Infused with Bamboo Extract
- Leaves the lashes stronger, nourished and moisturised

The texture of this mascara is great, it is not too thick, not too dry and coats the applicator really well.

This is a very deep black and gives a really impressive colour deposit on the lashes.

Sadly this is where the mascara did not sit well on my lashes, then lengthening effect was not what I would have expected. In all honesty though I do have very few and very fine lashes, so I am always a tough case on mascara's.

Is a rubber style applicator with a swirl and a rather spiked tip, the spiral shape of this allows you to access all your lashes, from all angles.

For me personally the applicator is rather large and bulky, and honestly there just aren't enough lashes around my eyes for the applicator to be able to grab them.

I do however feel that this would be the mosts amazing mascara for those ladies who have medium lashes (or at least a modicum of lashes, unlike me).
This is a great conditioning mascara which will benefit your lashes longterm, if you are lucky enough to have medium lashes it will give you great lash coverage and volume too.

Retails for 145.00

GOSH Cosmetics are available at all Edgars Red Square stores.