I was recently invited on a unique and rather intimate #DateRevlon experience at Pigalle's in Green Point , we got to chat to the Revlon PR team , learn more about Revlon as a brand and more particularly as a brand in South Africa.

We got to view a few vintage fragrance adverts which were quite 'racy', even at modern standards and learn all about Revlon's latest and upcoming products (2 of the products are under embargo but let me tell you one thing ... DON'T spend all your bonus at Christmas!) shhhhh!

So here are a few facts you may not know:
Revlon were actually the first company to use human attraction, call it love and innuendo as a marketing tool , here take a look!
Did you read what I read?
'Even in the dark he'll know it's you!' ...eeep! *hands over eyes* this is from 1955

Revlon were also the first company to launch a red nail polish, the colour red is flattering to all skin types and remains a best seller to this day!
Revlon South Africa in number 4 in the world market share, what does tis mean for you and I?

Well firstly the feedback that you give Revlon actually does get taken seriously , for instance South Africa have their own foundation colours.
Our local ethnic skins do not share the same skin tone as that of other international countries and therefore Revlon trial and test specific colours and shades unique to South Africa.

So next time you plan to travel make sure you have enough foundation as you may not find your shade on the other side of the world.

When it comes to fragrance verses cosmetics, they actually have an equal market share here in SA proving that you ladies know your 'shiz' when it comes to layering fragrances. Again many of these fragrances are unique to SA and you more than likely will not find them abroad.

So what is new?
Revlon have just launched their Revlon ColourStay Airbrush Foundation in the two lighter shades, for a review CLICK here.

The Revlon Ultra HD Lipsticks and Lip Lacquers with their gorgeous packaging and highly pigmented colour are fabulous, CLICK here.

 ... and now there are two brand new Revlon Fire & Ice Fragrances!
I will share more on these on my #Fragrance Friday post but here is a sneak peak of what is to come.
I have to just make mention here of the amazing spoil we received, and also share that it is my first ever fragrance and chocolate pairing!

What an amazing idea and how beautiful are these handmade chocolates, they contain the same ingredients as the fragrances themselves ... because fragrances are actually made of essential oils!
As usual Revlon just blew us away with their hospitality, generosity and down to earth kindness and friendliness! For me who has been a Revlon fan for going on 23 years (my first ever polish was Rio Red), I still adore the brand as much as I did way back then ... in fact I think more so!

Watch this space for my #Fragrance Friday post and of course upcoming launches that are still hush hush!

Love and smellies x x x

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