Life is as unpredictable a story as you'll ever find, no two journeys are ever the same  and each and every one of us have our own baggage that we carry around.

This year has been one of the toughest in my life, and whilst it has been hard and humbling it has also taught me much and made me grow in leaps and bounds.

In the latter part of this year I have started a personal journey on rediscovering myself and learning to look further than the hurt and pain as well as the constraints of being unhappy with my body and waining health.

I can successfully say that I am putting depression where it belongs ... out of  the picture! I am embracing and loving a whole new career and have met some of the most awesome friends and rekindled old friendships too. If I had one regret, it would be that I have not seen enough of my blogging buddies!
Sadly with self realisation comes the need to make time for God, time to relax and lastly time to exercise.

I am still trying to find a wholeness in my heart , one that would allow me to trust in love again and  let someone in, a heart that will stop giving off the 'stay away from me' signal. It is a new journey and one that I can only trust God to help me with.

As for blogging I am still here, maybe not that often but bear with me it is just a season , thank you for your support!

Love to you all!