It's been a few weeks since last I got to share a few of my favourite things ... sad but true!

Gosh the weeks seem to be flying and I am sure when we look again it will be Christmas and we will be there ...eeep!

As a quick update on my journey of 'Desperately Seeking Heather', it is on track and I am feeling soooo much better. I still have down days but the anxiety and panic attacks have subsided and I am once again able to see value in myself instead of fearing doom!
A big thank you to those of you who support me continually with encouragement you'll never fully know how much I treasure it (Nadine, Charlene, Beatrice).

So on to today's FAVOURITE THINGS ...

Black Rabbit Hall by Eve Chase - Penguin Books - NEW NEW NEW!
What the publisher has to say:
'At Black Rabbit Hall nothing much ever happens - time seems to move slower at this idyllic holiday home in Cornwall. Until the worst thing happens and for the Alton children time feels like it's stopped altogether. As they run wild, lost in grief and confusion, an outsider, Caroline Shawcross, and her dark, angry son Lucian enter their lives, changing them forever.

In the present day, Lorna Smith is searching for her perfect wedding venue and is inexplicably drawn to the now crumbling Black Rabbit Hall, unaware that her own history is locked up in those derelict walls . .'
I have really literally only just opened this book, it is my first time reading this author and so far I am truly intrigued and loving it!

Review coming soon.

Available at all leading book stores and published by Penguin Books

Make Up Revolution - Iconic 2 Palette
This make up palette from Make Up Revolution has got to be one of my all time favourites. It has a combination of matte and shimmer shadows.

The neutral shades give me the most divine natural looking make up for summer (sadly the lightest shade is almost finished , they never include a big enough pan of the nude type shades). I have to be honest and say I hardly use the shadows on the right, they are super pigmented and a bit dramatic for me ... however the gold in this palette is swoon worthy and really offsets blue eyes beautifully.

I enjoy Make Up Revolution and will definitely be ordering from them again soon.
Packaging: Is practical Black with a clear window so you can see exactly which palette you have selected, the applicator sponge is not half bad either.
Durability: I find that this product lasts all day on my eyes in winter, but in summer it lasts a max of 4 hours before I need to touch up.

Avon -  Big False Lash Mascara
This lovely was given to me by mumsy. I must say I have been pleasantly surprised, the mascara is a deep dense black and has amazing build-able qualities. I am enjoying the length and volume I am getting from this mascara however it does tend to flake a little and I would truly love a waterproof option for work ...especially in summer.
Packaging: Is the typical new age bubble bodied mascara tube, the brush is almost too big for my eyelashes but does give volume and length
Durability: The mascara does last all day, however by mid afternoon my lashes do look a little shorter as the product seems to flake off somewhat.

Avon Make Up setting Spray
This is a life saver in a bottle for me in the summer months, it sets my make up and helps it stay put, even when I have my personal summers (hot flushes) all it needs now is an SPF and we would be besties for life.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product!


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