I have been following Michael Kors career for as long as I can remember , his designs are sophisticated , elegant and super wearable and his handbags and accessories are just out of this world ... it's clearly love at first sight.

From hearing about him modelling at an early age, to becoming a teacher and only later in life a designer, nothing about Michael Kors is predictable.

He proved this again recently when he launched the Gold Range of fragrances and whilst I haven't had the honouring of testing them as yet, I have been eyeballing this lovely ....


The fragrance WHITE LUMINOUS GOLD itself is relatively uncomplicated, however the composition speaks of a pure, clean and elegant rendezvouz.
I love the packaging and of course silver and white gold are my favourite metals so it definitely speaks my language.

The fragrance is made up of the following notes:
Top notes - Pear
Middle notes - Jasmine
Base notes - Amber

You can purchase the Gold Range of fragrances online at www.redsquare.co.za.

As they say that's all folks ...

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