A little while back I got to attend the most amazing skin care launch by local SA brand called Optiphi , they launched two new Intense Serums.

The serums are packaged in the most attractive burgundy box, so let me share a little more about the secret it holds ?
So here is what I thought ...

Packaging - 
As you can see the box is the most gorgeous burgundy red , the serum itself is contained with in a silver airless pump with a unique dispenser which ensures the integrity of the product remains in tact throughout the use of this serum.

Did you know ...
Oxygen is the enemy of many skin care ingredients and thus the airless pumps are super important!

** I must be honest and say I struggled with the dispenser and found that if I stood it on it's head it worked like a bomb!

Fragrance - 
There are no artificial fragrances so you have a slight smell of the cosmetic ingredients which truly is not really noticeable at all.

Texture - 
Is a lovely viscous cream with a slightly opaque white colour. It smooths over the skin beautifully and a little goes a very long way , less is definitely more here.

Efficacy - 
I found this product to be super hydrating , it acts as a natural filler and plumps up the lines and wrinkles. This product contains Hyaluronic Acid which is already made by the body naturally and therefore it is a good natural plumping agent which helps to minimize the signs of aging and boost a natural youthful radiance.
Launch date: 1st July 2015
Retails for: R1095 for 30ml

Fore more information:
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/optiphibrand
Twitter - https://twitter.com
Pinterest - http://www.pinterest.com

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