Mmmmmm is what I imagine my skin would say if it could ...

I have just come across the most decadent body butter which applies in a rich creamy layer and disappears into the skin leaving only a soft sweet smelling scent it's super comforting and creates the closest I have come to 'happy skin'.

Let's take a more in depth look ...

So here is what I thought ...

Packaging - 
The packaging in my mind is in a pretty standard body butter tub , what makes it stand out is the soft yellow bottom half with the rich blue lid.

The packaging is simple and practical, made for functionality more than prettiness.

Fragrance - 
The fragrance is soft , slightly sweet and ultra feminine without having any particular fragrance notes standing out.
The fragrance is definitely evident on application , however it softens to gentle lingering fragrance.

Texture -
The texture is thick , rich and buttery. On application the cream is an opaque white colour and disappears without a trace into the skin leaving a slight sheen.

Efficacy -
I found this EVEN TONE BODY BUTTER to hydrate and moisturize my skin beautifully. I personally love to wear it in the evenings after my shower, it has the loveliest fragrance which makes you feel clean , sweet smelling and ultra feminine.
Whilst I don't have much uneven skin tone it sure does help with the acid bumps on my arms.

I love that it disappears straight into the skin and leaves your body feeling smooth but not oily.

What you might like to know :
- contains Argan Oil
- contains extract of Neem Seed
- contains Grapeseed Oil

This product is specifically formulated with a blend of ingredients which have been proven to inhibit the production of melanin which causes uneven skin tone.
( based on in-vitro study)

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