So I fnd myself suddenly posting another life update , strange ? ...

Maybe, but not for long!

Life has thrown many curve balls my way this year , I feel like I have been dodging fireballs sent straight from hades itself . The great thing is that I have my Faith and having a strong foundation in Him has allowed me not only to weather these storms, but to stand here chin up and ready to tackle the second half of the year.
So on that note it's time to share that there will be a little change happening on my blog , I am moving into a new phase of my career and thus it requires a little tinkering.

From here on I will still be writing about all the topics covered before such as:
- lifestyle
- books
- recipes
- entertainment
- travel
- dining out
- interviews
- home and decor
- fashion

However the beauty side of my blog will nw be limited to the following so as not to conflict with my new position :
- make up
- nails
- fragrance
- hair

Yes, it is going to be a change, but change is good it gets us out of comfort zones and gets us to rethink , grow and improve.

I look forward to continue sharing my favourite things with you and would love to hear if there are any additional topics you would love me to cover.

Thank you for all your support always.

Love and hugs
x x x

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