I haven't had a chat about my community work for a long long long time , well it feels like forever but actually it was just under a year ago.

I decided to take some time out from my soup kitchen commitment and just spend a little time focusing on other areas of my life, which in hindsight may just have been the best decision at the time. You see this year has been anything but moonshine and roses ( but that is something that could to take days to share) and I really needed that break , it has made me realise that my heart lies in the community , the kids are my joy and the hugs are my fuel which gets me through each and every day.

I happily reunited with the Du Noon Site 5 Soup Kitchen last month, we serve soup and bread to the community of Du Noon in the township itself. We are made up of a team of volunteers and are driven by the heart of serving and a passion to share God's love.
I love that we are covered by prayer each and every time we visit the township and once in the community we are supported in making these days orderly and fun filled thanks to a group of local Mama's, these are ladies who just jump in wholeheartedly.

As a single woman in my 40's who does not have children and quite honestly more than likely never will, Soup Kitchen gives me the opportunity not only to serve but to also love kids with all that I am and all that I have to give.
For those of you who know me personally you will know that I have been given the nickname 'huggy bear', I embrace this to the fullest and take every opportunity to spread and share my hugs around (you have been warned).

Here is my belief:
A hug can ... heal a hurt unseen , release a heart hidden and set free a silent scream of frustration or a cry of pain and hurt just waiting to be heard. - Heather

Often people ask me why I do it? I honestly believe that many people fulfill the very real need of food , security and survival but very few meet the emotional needs. Just giving kids attention, a hug or a warm embrace fills a need to but more importantly demonstrates 'love' and the joy of knowing our Lord.

Today was Mandela Day , a big day for us South Africans and a country wide remembrance to Mandela and our struggle for a democratic country, we commemorate it by doing 67minutes of serving the community.
It goes without saying that it was a perfect opportunity that soup kitchen fell on this special day , so I thought I would share a little window into my heart from today through pictures ...enjoy!
 Don't you just love these faces ..

 These are the mama's who help us to serve their community and feed the kids ..

So now that you've seen a little of the joy that drives my soul , I sure hope that you  had a super #MandelaDay .

If you would like to contribute or support this soup kitchen (which is purely funded by and driven by the love of the volunteers, personal contributions and kind donations) , please feel free to contact them on their Facebook page:

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