Has office , wedding and family gifting always been a pain in the butt?

Fear not there is a new solution on the market in South Africa ....

A new fun, safe and virtual way of giving and receiving gifts is launched. Candystick is a secure site that makes collecting money for gifts easy and appealing.
For any celebration – from birthdays, weddings and office farewells, to anniversaries, stag nights and bar mitzvahs.

Candystick takes over and manages the process for you. 
(If its European counterparts are anything to go by, Candystick is tipped to spark a new culture in South Africa by improving and enhancing the whole experience of giving and receiving presents.)

 Candystick brings people together to give something special and makes everyone – the givers and the receiver - feel good about the process.

Imagine a colleague’s big birthday at the office and it’s fallen on you to collect the gift money. Round goes the secret envelope and you go 'round the bend' chasing colleagues to make sure everyone has signed the card and donated some money, making it your responsibility to ensure you collect enough money and to get 'something' in time, often resulting in you buying them something they don’t even want.
Buy a Candybox – this means that everyone contributes to buying a more luxurious and flexible gift, one that will be really appreciated by the recipient.

Four steps is all it takes on Candystick
1. Create your Candybox, which is your virtual money collection box
2. Invite people to contribute
3. Recipient gets the Candybox
4. Recipient spends the money

Candystick does not charge for creating a Candybox. Following collection from identified contributors, you can either give the full amount of cash collected to the recipient; buy a gift at one of the partner stores; or, for a small transaction fee, ask for a bank transfer.

The Candystick website is user friendly and flexible. It includes some useful features to steer you through the process.

For example:
  • Automatic reminders are sent to contributors and ‘thank you’ notes from the Candybox recipient once the gift maturity date has been reached. 
  • There is also an ‘opt out’ option for anyone not wishing to join the group. 
  • The Candybox collection can be linked to Facebook and new friends or contributors can be invited in at any time during the collection.
What you need to know ...
- During the collection process, the Candybox is private and is protected in a bank’s safe deposit account until its maturity date.
- There is a ceiling of R10 000 and no less than R50 that can be paid by a single ‘contributor’
- The contribution that people make is confidential and not visible to the rest of the group.

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