I've never really considered myself one who needs to enhance my eyebrows , sure I usually tweeze them into shape and keep them neat and tidy but after recently attending the BILLION DOLLAR BROWS launch here in Cape Town I realised that I might just give it a try and what a difference it makes!

Although I do not have sparse eyebrows , they are blonde and could do with more definition ... I am officially addicted!
Billion Dollar Brows is a company that was originally started by Natalie Plain and husband Bob in their humble home the original product was a brow gel that could help regrowth of over-plucked and sparse brows.

Now the company which still cater exclusively to brows features a variety of brow enhancing products as well as tools to keep even the bushiest of brows in check.

At the launch I was gifted with the fabulous UNIVERSAL BROW PENCIL and here is what I thought ...
Packaging -
The UNIVERSAL BROW PENCIL comes packaged in a protective box , inside is an automatic pencil at one end and a brow shaping brush at the other.
It's easy to use and fits in a make up bag like a dream.

Texture - 
The texture is that of a soft liner with which you can easily draw in hairs or simply just fill in the background of your brows, giving added definition and shape.

Application - 
It applies easily , is long wearing and the colour is one that suits all skin types, simply use more or less according to your skin tones requirements. 

BILLION DOLLAR BROWS is now available at Stuttafords stores , for more info on the variety visit:

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/billiondollarbrows
Web: http: www.billiondollarbrows.com/
Stuttafords : http://www.stuttafords.co.za/

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