If you live in South Africa and you don't know what Lip Ice is ...where have you been?

Lip Ice has become a household name in South Africa and is definitely considered to be one of the 'go to' brands for ladies looking to soften dry and chapped lips.

With Winter upon us , dry and cracked lips are a harsh reality and they become tight , painful and often uncomfortable, why not try of of the Lip Ice Original flavours on your lips such as Bubblegum , Cherry , Spearmint and Regular for those who prefer the ' plain and simple' things in life.

I recently got to re-experience these Lip Ice lovelies and I now have one in my car , one in my make up bag and one in my bathroom for applying at night before I go to bed.

So here is what I thought ...

Packaging - 
Plain and simple really , it's a bright and colourful twist up tube with plastic cap.

Fragrance - 
Depending on your choice of flavour , they are fun and cater to every taste and preference out there ... take your pick!

Texture - 
The texture is that of a fairly thick balm which covers the lips and does not sink into the lips, but rather forms a protective film over the lips, preventing dehydration and moisture loss whilst maintaining soft and supple lips.

Efficacy -
Lip Ice Originals is super effective at maintaining a barrier on the lips and preventing drying and cracking , however I would and do still use a nourishing lip product under my lip ice to treat the lips and then Lip Ice to protect and keep the lips supple.

Lip Ice is readily available at the majority of leading retail stores nationwide.

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