It's raining , it's pouring and my skin is snoring ... yep, it's seems like winter knocks on the door my skin goes into hibernation. I can visibly see the difference in the texture of my skin, it also seems to develop an unquenchable thirst for product and takes the idea of 'dry skin' to a whole new level.

Am I alone on this journey? I doubt it!
What am I going to do about it? Hydrate , hydrate and hydrate some more.

With that in mind , I have scrubbed twice already this week , applied an overnight mask and in between I have used two fabulous skin boosting ampoules from BABOR. I am also treating my lips at night and in between client visits by simply applying the fabulous BABOR LIP REPAIR BALM to hydrate and soothe my lips and prevent dry cracked lips.

Let's explore a little more ...
Revitalising  Oxygen Fluid (ampoule) - 2ml
This ampoule is milky in colour , once opened I found that I had enough for two applications. I applied it firstly under my night cream and then again under my day cream in the morning.

The consistency is quite thick, take care when shaking it into your hand you do not want to loose even a drop of this precious serum.
I found that my skin 'slurped' up this serum at rapid speed and it soon disappeared , whilst I only got to try one ampoule I did enjoy the fresh herbal fragrance , my skin did feel plumped up and the radiance improved ever so slightly.

What does it do?
It contains encapsulated Oxygen to revitalise and reftresh tired looking skin

Triple Booster Fluid (ampoule) - 2ml
This ampoule is transparent in colour and the minute you break it open you are greeted with the most heavenly rose scent. The serum itself has a slight oily undertone and applies beautifully onto the skin , once again you can get two applications from this ampoule.

This is an anti-aging ampoule and works by reorganizing the skins functions that are responsible for a youthful appearance.

I personally really enjoyed this ampoule and would not mind doing a course of these lovely ampoules to give my skin an anti-aging boost and 'kick start' my skins metabolism.

Babor Lip Repair Balm - with Argan & Olive oil
This is a lovely butter lip balm with no colorants so it has they fabulous rich waxy look and texture. It comes in a practical lipstick style applicator, easy to pop into your hand bag and apply when needed.

What does it contain?
Argan oil  which effectively regenerates the lipid layer of the skin. Shea butter which supplies and binds moisture to the lips. Pure and natural oils from avocado, soya, sesame seeds and olives nourish the lips so that they become soft and supple.

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