This cute and creative eCommerce site features a great play on words that would have most of , if not all of us ladies taking a second glance (yes , I saw you!)

I love that the focus of this artisanal brand is 'Small art for big people' , it can literally be an expression of your 'quirkier' side, or alternatively you can use these little easel's to conservatively display your loved ones.

Either way, these unique little displays have a purpose and place in every household and office ... call it art or call it bragging rights (who cares , just do it!).
Started by an acquaintance of mine Christine and her hubby Warren, Vin d 'Easel looks to be an exciting new venture for this creative couple.

Here are a few images of these cute creations ...

For more on these lovely easels , photography and loads more visit their online shop.

For more info:

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