Just when I thought I'd seen it all ... bam! another skin care ingredient I'd never heard of hits our shores.The new mystery ingredient is Bird Of Paradise seed and is found in one of the latest releases by Avon.

As I mention time and time again , I am no snob when it comes to skin care.
Sure I enjoy the finer things in life just like all of you , however realistically we do not all earn the same, or have the same spending power when it comes to skin care. Avon really do step up and offer a variety of skin care solutions to suit all budgets.

Avon have just recently launched a brand new line of products called Nutraeffects which comprises of the cleansers and toners and then 4 unique ranges to suit different skin conditions and each with their own unique see oil.

The benefits of this range is that it is well suited to sensitive skins and is free of parabens (preservatives) and colourants. The cleansers are soap free and feature cleansing berries.

Here is a breakdown of the range:
Cleansers: Self Foaming Face Wash (All skins) & Mattifying Toner (Oily / Combination skins only)
Day:                                                                                             Night:
Radiance Daily Cream SPF20                                                     Radiance Renewing Cream Night
Balance Daily Cream SPF15                                                       Balance Gel Cream Night
Ageless Multi Action Cream SPF20                                           Ageless Multi Action Cream Night

So back to our review featuring ...

So here is what I thought ...

The packaging is pretty much the same for both products with the clear glass tub and white acrylic lid , to differentiate between the two Avon have made the day cream a slightly brighter yellow colour and the night cream with a slightly darker more orange looking packaging.


Texture - 
The texture of this cream is light but still creamy and hydrating , it penetrates super quickly leaving the skin soft , smooth and hydrated.

Fragrance - 
The fragrance is light, feminine and non intrusive. It disappears after a few minutes and becomes almost non-existant.

Efficacy - 
I have to be honest and say that for my skin which is dry at this time of the year this product would not be adequate and I would either have to supplement it or alternatively use the night cream twice per day.

Over all however I have enjoyed the texture and feel of the product on my skin , my skin looks calmer but brighter and best yet there are no pimples.

Retails for R89.00 ( in current brochure , normally R148.00)


Texture - 
The texture of this cream is thick and buttery and once again it disappears into my skin in a matter of seconds.
I far prefer the texture of the night cream on my skin thanks to my winter dry skin blues.

Fragrance - 
The fragrance in this product is slightly stronger and I actually really like it , it smells feminine and fruity floral.
On a psychological level I find my brain enjoys identifying with a smell it's almost like coming home evn in skin care.

Efficacy - 
I have really enjoyed testing this cream and will be using every last drop. It is a great booster to even out skin tone and boost your skin natural glow or 'radiance'.

Retails for R89.00 ( in current brochure , normally R148.00)
As an alternative budget skin care I find Avon's formula's to always be on point , the cream base is soft and skin friendly and I have seldom had any problems or breakout.
I would definitely recommend this to anyone between the ages of 20 - 35yrs that are on a tight skin care budget.

For more information : www.avon.co.za


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