To my absolute dismay I am writing my first ever post on Anesi products , I cannot believe in the last 22years that I have not once experienced the brand despite seeing it in South Africa as long as I can remember.

So I guess there is a first time for everything , here is a little glimpse into my first experience with Anesi Skin Care ...
So here is what I thought ...

Packaging - 
The package is beautiful and the blue/green or teal colour of this packaging along with the vintage gold cap were my undoing from the get go.

The Aqua Vital comes packaged in an airless pump , it is pretty and practical all rolled into one.

Fragrance - 
It has the most magical fresh 'marine' type smell whch is soft and smells like heaven on the skin , it does however have a definite fragrance which may not suit everyone.

Texture - 
The texture is that of a gel serum , which is a milky sea green colour which speaks to the mind of cool and refreshing water. It hydrates the skin beautifully on application and disappears into the skin in a matter of minutes. I found with my middle aged skin that I definitely needed to apply my moisturiser over this serum.

Efficacy - 
I found this to be a great moisture boost and my skin really enjoyed the fresh , hydrated feeling. I would probably suggest using this product as a booster in winter and personally I might actually even save it as a summer selection.
I found that my skin was definitely less lined , more hydrated , soothed and an overall feeling of comfort on my skin.

What you might like to know is that this product has the following action ...
' Maximum concentration of cellular detoxification and deep hydration in 3 dimensions that creates a water reservoir  for the skin , making it more radiant , elastic and healthy from within.'

It comes in a 30ml airless pump.

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