Today we chat a little about Babor , this is a brand that I have known since first qualifying in beauty , in fact I think it was one of the first ranges we ever learnt about and that is going back ...way way back!

In fact 22 years ago the companies dedication to botanicals , the use of the water phase or 'hydro' phase of ingredients combined with an oil or 'lipo' phase was as true to the BABOR brand then , as much as it is today.

Babor is a German skin care brand which prides itself on innovative technology , research and cutting edge ingredients. Today we are going to explore my favourite 3 step cleansing system using BABOR skin care ...

So here is my routine ...

For super clean skin - STEP 1 
This system is comprised of two components:
1. A rich golden oil based cleanser to dissolve and remove make-up, ingrained pollution and dirt. The HY-ÖL® cleanser is suited to all skin types and contains the following skin nourishing oils:
- Sesame
- Peanut Oil ( ** caution to those with allergies, please avoid!!)
- Quillaja Extract which enhances the cleansing action
All the above gently cleanse the skin without leaving any irritation or redness , it is free from preservatives.
Full size Retails for R422.00 for 200ml

2. The Phytoactive Base for DRY SKIN which is a selection of botanical essences such as Mint , Birch and Rosemary. It refreshes the skin leaving it looking deep cleansed and healthy.
Full size retails for R341.00 for 100ml

So how do you use these?
Mornings and evenings, gently massage 3 pumps of HY-ÖL® over the face, neck and décolleté. Immediately apply 2 pumps of Phytoactive Base on top and blend together. Add water, massage until a milky emulsion forms then rinse off with plenty of water.
For a great exfoliation - STEP 2
To me this is like a rice exfoliator meets the 1 minute flash facial , it consists of a fine grained exfoliating powder with Vitamin C and enzymes.

It's easy to use just simply place a small amount of Enzyme Cleanser into the palm of your hand and work up a lather with a little water. Smooth the cleanser over the face, neck and décolleté. Rinse off thoroughly with plenty of water.

Retails for R545.00 for

For a deep cleansing, pore minimising treat - STEP 3
Okay so I am totally addicted to this dual purpose product it is a mask and an exfoliator. It has the most amazing fresh scent with not a hint of that usual nasty clay smell, but rather leaves a soft lingering scent which tingles on your skin and leaves it feeling fresh and noticeably cool.

I love love love it and it comes packaged in a handy flip top tube of 75ml.

As you can see I absolutely adore the Babor skin care range , the packaging varies according to the range and price point , however it is all beautiful to look at and a product you would want to proudly display on your shelf ... especially when friends see how great your skin looks.

For more info on Babor , visit the following:
Twitter: babor_sa

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