Smells and scents can stir the greatest memories , one of these being the comfort and security associated with your dad.
Your Dad's aftershave will evoke memories that are uniquely yours ... shared purely by you and him ... ou know a special glance , a pet name , a silly story and so much more.
I know my dad wore the fragrance TABAC for years ... even now I can still see the packaging and the white glass bottle with brown wooden cap and every year I would go and hunt this down for him.

Season's in life change though and sometimes it's great to get an unexpected surprise one that might even land up being a lasting one. This Father's Day I chosen to give my dad two new products recently launched by Avon & Justine (along with a super cuddly blanket ) but please shhhhhh as he does not know yet :)

So here is what I thought ....

Packaging - 
I love the clean masculine lines of this bottle with it's soft blue coloured fragrance and the bold black cap ... it definitely makes a statement!

Fragrance -
Initially the fragrance has a peppery burst, it soon softens and leaves a watery marine/fresh scent which is soft, but yet very masculine in aroma.

I love how this fragrance is not over bearing, but rather gives that 'clean freshly showered' man smell. It's a fragrance that will suit both young and old.

Durability -
Because this is a softer and more 'watery' type scent, he may need to touch up in the middle of the day , especially if he is quite active.

Retails for R209.00
(in the latest brochure plus you get a roll on & hair and body wash)
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My dad is getting older and with that his skin is loosing elasticity , he finding that he much prefers a gel with a dense foaming action as it gives a better glide over the skin preventing dragging or cuts.

I saw this in the Justine brochure and at just R89.00 (this brochure) it's a steal.
For more info :

I hope that you have enjoyed my Father's Day finds and even more importantly I hope my dad enjoys them too. Have a super Sunday with your dad this weekend and if for any reason you can't be together ... why not do something fun that reminds you of him and celebrate some happy memories.

Life is short so relish and make the most of everyday that you still have your parents.

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