One thing is certain in life and that is ageing in inevitable and only you can try and stop the clock ....or at least try to slow it down a little.

I am always blown away by how people comment on my skin tell me 'you haven't aged a bit!' or 'you don't even have wrinkles' ... truth be told in my head I am saying: ' Really? You must be kidding right! Can't you see the sagging lines and the crows feet?'

That being said I have to admit that I have always been pedantic when it comes to caring for my skin , it does pay off in the long run ... the comments alone prove this, BUT you do need to invest in quality skin care where possible and ensure that you make use of it regularly.

Here are my top 5 secrets:
  1.  Always use a double cleanse method. First an oil/creamy cleanser , followed by an exfoliating cleanser such as Foamer 5 from Dermaceutic.
  2. From 25 years of age start introducing anti-ageing products into your regime , after all prevention is far better than cure!
  3. Always and I mean ALWAYS use an eye product.
  4. From 25years of age start introducing a booster treatment/serum at least every 6 months into your skin care routine , this just the skin a good old kick start.
  5. Always use a Day cream and Sunscreen and if you can't afford both look for a sunscreen that has a high SPF to protect your skin against the sun and environmental aggressors.
Today let's take a look at a fabulous anti-ageing serum by Dermaceutic ...

If you are unfamiliar with Dermaceutic they are a cosmeceutical skin care rage hailing from Ireland , however they are now distributed worldwide.

Dermaceutic have a comprehensive range of salon treatments , peels and a full offering of home care for more info visit their website here.  
So here is what I thought ...

Packaging -
The packaging is pretty standard to the range in it's white airless and airtight pump with cap , it comes with the colour coded banding in a deep orange which is typical to the 'TARGET' range indicating that this is a booster/serum type product.

I love the clean lines and practicality of this range, at one glance you can see your range and what might be missing.

Fragrance - 
As with all Dermaceutic products there is no fragrance and so most products have a neutral plant smell or even slightly acidic smell to them should they contain any glycolic acid.
In this instance it is just a neutral plant type smell.

Texture - 
It is a white fluid , light in texture which disappears into my skin in a matter of seconds. I love that you can use this on the eye area (eliminating the need for two separate products) and I personally usually take the excess and apply it to my décolleté area to help deal with the lovely sleep wrinkles we get on our chest from curling up at night.

I love how this serum disappears and even though you maybe using multiple products in your routine ... the skin never feels greasy or weighed down at all.

Efficacy -
I have found this product to be super effective on my skin , my face looks fresh the wrinkles are minimised and I have found that even my redness had been subdued and my pore size minimised.

I love that this product contains cutting edge peptide technology and includes a mineral cocktail too , this means my skin is truly getting a lift and pick me up all at the same time.

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