I know that you know, that I love to shop ... even window shop through beauty brochures and catalogues, this month Avon brochure has some of the most amazing steals as in ever!

It's not too late Mother's Day is around the corner and you still have time to grab her a few delightful goodies whether it's make up , for the nails , jewellery or even a signature scent. Here are a few of my favourite picks or what I consider to be fab finds ....

1. SWAG for her hands , yes you heard me! Here are the most awesome trending polished form the 'fuzzy look' with NAIL EFFECTS FRINGE to the ultra sleek and matte BLUE NAILS and at just R49.50 each!

2. Okay so your mom is not really a trending mom, but she does like to wear make up right? Well it's a known fact in the make up industry that as we get older less is more, especially when it comes to make up.

Avon have this gorgeous new make up palette in neutral shades for mom and absolute bargain at just R120.00 and why not spoil her with an additional gift in the form of a proper eye shadow brush applicator, complete with smudger at just R44.95.

3. Now for the 'too me, from me' pressie ... forget mum for now! I just know you are going to want to get these nail art brushes and ombre sponge applicator at R19.95 each .... an absolute steal!

4. I don't know about you but I am forever trying out new mascara's , I have non existent eyelashes and when I see a mascara such as this one promising feathered lashes I just want to run and grab an armful obviously it features feather inspired technology to give you long and winged lashes.

5. I love Guerlain as a make up brand but lets be honest now , they have become more of a splurge or spoil rather than a regular shop.
On of my all time favourites is Guerlain's Meteorites ... and now I have found the perfect substitute ... AVONS COLOUR CORRECTING PEARLS at R99.00 buckaroos ( and the answer is yes , I did get me some *tee hee*)
6. I haven't actually tried this fragrance from Avon but something about it reminds me of Tresor , maybe it's the colours and the shape of the bottle (sort of), but I do know one thing I would love to try it sometime it just looks so pretty and feminine.
7. Ladies these gel finish polishes are a god-send , if you are hard on your nails or if your mum can't seem to get nail polish to last ... these are a secret weapon to get at least 3 - 4 chip free days.
I already have three of these at home and at this price will definitely need to invest in a few more.

8. The last part of my shop the brochure is a bit of a cheat really ....

I was treated to one of these pearl bracelets as well as an earring set by Avon, I took it to be my Mother's Day present, because I never got to be a mum myself so it makes me feel treasured and loved so shhhhhhh!

So there you have it, I could have included so much more, because let's face it AVON have a jam packed brochure every month with fabulous deals and steals.

For more info visit www.avon.co.za

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