Travel is the one element that is still very much missing in my life at the moment , my heart yearns for the new places , new cultures and the sensory overload that is 'exploring'.

However that being said we are very blessed in this country with many wonderful destination hotels and lodges that are unique and have there own special features, Grootbos is one of these and I have followed them on Social Media for a long time.

It makes me happy to share the following press release with you as they are totally deserving of the accolades ...
Grootbos Private Nature Reserve voted as one of the
“Best Eco-Lodges in Africa” on CNN
As eco-tourism gains significance in the travel industry and travellers are opting for sustainable choices when choosing their next holiday destination, Grootbos Private Nature Reserve, located in the heart of the Cape Floral Kingdom, is voted as one of 15 of the finest eco-lodges across Africa.

Africa’s Finest Eco-Destinations
Colin Bell, co-founder of Wilderness Safaris and Great Plains Conservation, and David Bristow, environmental writer and coordinator of Green Safari Africa project, together co-authored “Africa’s Finest” – a book that describes 50 of the best eco-lodges across sub-Saharan Africa, Seychelles and Madagascar.

Their aim was to discover and expose truly sustainable establishments amongst those that only claim to be eco-friendly and to set a criterion in the industry for responsible and sustainable tourism that others will strive toward. The lodges listed run the most remarkable sustainable tourism operations, whilst simultaneously supporting their environment and surrounding communities.

Joined by nine environmentalists, each lodge was evaluated on over a hundred different points in four broad categories: successful conservation work, the effectiveness of their community outreach programmes, their use of renewable energies and their waste treatment and disposal.

 CNN published the authors’ top 15 properties on 8 April 2015, and Grootbos is one of two of South African’s finest among 13 other eco-lodges across Africa. These lodges scored over 8 out of 10 in each category and meet the criteria for a genuinely eco-destination.

Why Grootbos Private Nature Reserve?
Grootbos offers five-star luxurious accommodation immersed in natural surroundings. More than a luxury destination, the reserve is committed to conservation practices and the non-profit Grootbos Foundation aims toward “conservation of biodiversity and development of sustainable nature-based livelihoods through ecotourism, research, management and education.” Guests who stay here are directly supporting their sustainable tourism practices.

The accolade of one of Africa’s best eco-lodges will encourage further tourism to the area and hopefully act as a pillar for other properties to follow suit.

“To have achieved this milestone is a big feather in our cap for Grootbos. This was only achievable through the dedication of all staff members and the incredible support of the Grootbos Foundation.” ~ Michael Lutzeyer

“Green and luscious – 15 amazing eco-lodges around Africa.” ~ CNN

For reservation enquiries at Grootbos Private Nature Reserve:
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