Yep it's that time again , the time where I get spoilt rotten and my lovely locks get primped and preened at Style Bar.

I have decided to go for a new look and it is in the making and will take to sessions to give the full effect , so rather than spoil it ... I will keep you in suspense until next time ...

However I never leave Style Bar without spotting some new goodies or sharing what a fabulous experience I usually have ...let's see what's in my bag of tricks this time ?
Firstly I have to share with you that I have never in all my years experienced such a clean neat and tidy salon ... no matter what time of day , what day of the week the Style Bar is always a vision of practical and understated glam.

Just see for yourself , this is what a work station looks like .... fabulous!

Next up are some new products I spotted on display and couldn't help but take a nosey at them:
Kerastase - FORME FATALE - A Voluptuous Blow Dry Gel
Kerestase- BOUCLES D'ART - A lightweight Mousse which is Alcohol free and controls frizz

These vibrant styling aids also caught my eye ...

Kerastase - GLOSS APPEAL - For glamorous shine with a non-greasy finish
Kerastase - SHORT MANIA -  A sculpting paste with a medium hold
Kerastase - POWDER BLUFF - A fabulous transparent dry shampoo

As you can see there is always something new and interesting which brings me to an alternative for those looking for a more 'green friendly brand' I came across these lovelies which I have never seen in salon before ...

You can find more on this range at Retail Box and search Matrix at:

Retail Box is an online store which is affiliated with, and an extension of all Style Bar salons.
For frequent special offers,  #SecretBox 's as well as new and exciting hair , make -up and nail products ...

I promise you won't want to miss out, give the site a visit.

Till next time and the next selfie , take care .

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