When I was first introduced to the Brazilian hair care range called INOAR I had no idea what a treat it would be. My first explorations included their BB Shampoo and Conditioner as well as their Premium Hair Oil and I loved them all, so you can imagine my glee when. I recently attended a launch and received the INOAR ABSOLUT DAY MOIST shampoo and conditioner.

I am in the process of  making my hair darker so that in winter it is less maintenance and can recover from all the bleaching, in other words these two lovelies arrived just in the nick of time!

So let's unpack a little ...

This range has a lovely creamy aroma which is neither sweet or flowery but rather a fabulous fresh and comforting smell.

The shampoo is off medium viscosity and a creamy colour with a slight shimmer. A little gives a long way so be careful to not be over enthusiastic.

The product comes in a soft yellow coulter bottle with a silver cap and the signature dispenser which winds down and dispenses through a hole in the top of the lid.

You can feel your hair is clean and fresh but not stripped in anyway , I am loving this shampoo and when combined with the conditioner you can actually feel how it smoothes the hairs cuticles.

This is a lovely rich cream coloured conditioner , once again a little goes far so rather take a little and go back for more than over use the product.

The conditioner shares the same rich creamy fragrance as the shampoo and leaves the hair easy to comb , hydrated and the cuticles smoothed.
It is important to note that you need to leave this conditioner on for a minimum of 5-15 minutes,  in order to see the full effect of smoothing on the hair.

The INOAR ABSOLUT DAY MOIST range was developed to repair , protect and rehydrate the  hair from everyday heat treatments , pollution and chemical damage from coloring.

I absolutely adore this hair care brand , my hair feels great , it is smoother and helps the frizz . An added bonus is the fact that because it is so concentrated it lasts longer ...Awesome!

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