I recently attended the Bronx Woman shoe launch for AW2015 , it was such fun with the theme being a touch of gold. At the event they also handed everyone a number as you entered the door and as you passed through the door on the right hand side of the room was a wall of numbered envelopes.

Contained within these envelopes were prizes such as  sparkling wine hampers , vouchers and also Rimmel hampers ( which is what I hoped for) and yes, you guessed right I won a hamper with a Rimmel Apocalips Lipstick , another variety of hydrating lipstick and a nail polish ... so excited!

What I hadn't told you was just the week before I went to purchase an Apocalips only to find our Clicks was sold out and now tadaaa! I have one :)

So here is what I thought ....

Packaging -
What's there to say really , you can see how cute the tube is with the lips printed on the side of the
fixative and the colour shining through on the lip colour side. It's cute , funky and most of all fun!

Fragrance -
Can't really say there is any particular smell to either the colour or the fixative.

Texture -
For the colour this is a dense rich and heavily pigmented coating which takes a few minutes to dry/set before you can apply the fixative.

The fixative is like a thick lipgloss , however it is not sticky at all. Once applied it gives a lovely sheen to the lips, but it is in no way super shiny and/or glossy ... just perfect.

Efficacy -
This is hands down the most effective long lasting lip product I have used in years. I applied my product in the morning , ensuring to follow both steps.
I then proceeded through the day, my day included having a light meal, loads of liquids and my lipstick did not budge ...in fact it lasted all the way until supper time ...unflippin believable!

I am in love with this lip product , I know it is a little on the pricey side and not a budget buy , but for the amount of lip product you would be saving it is well worth the splurge.

In my opinion Apocalips Now!

You can find Rimmel at selected retail and pharmacy outlets.

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