I love simple and elegant furniture in neutral colours , to me it is such fun then adding a cushion , throw or this case wallpaper to just add a little 'jazz' to a room. One of my all time favourite local design studio's is Skinny La Minx (you just need to follow Heather of Skinny LaMinx's Twitter or Instagram to understand).

Here is the latest from Skinny LaMinx  ...

Skinny La Minx's wallpaper designs are all printed onto a pre-gummed PVC-free wallpaper that is 100% recyclable, and printed with non-toxic latex inks.

Robin Sprong will create and install made-to-order wallpaper that’s perfectly designed to fit your wall, should you be in line for a unique and rather breath-taking bespoke feature wall in your home, he’s the one to talk to. 

Just look at some of this loveliness , you'll be tempted I know I sure was ...

See lots more pics of the Paradise is Here wallpapers available to order, as well as other collections by Skinny laMinx at Robin Sprong Wallpaper.
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