I don't know if you have noticed how the natural look is once again back in fashion , the whole idea of 'less is more' and accentuating your 'natural features' is back in as opposed to the more 'created look'.

The evidence was all over the catwalks at the recent NYFW Fall & Spring 2015 shows, with the models wearing a 'barely there' make up look, as shown below the images are from the following respective couture houses:

 Alice & Olivia , Ralph Lauren and Alberta Ferretti

These 'looks' really inspired me to create two neutral/nude make up charts which I dubbed 'Nude-Tude' using Revlon make up.

Featured below is the make up I used for the first look which is more of a soft and natural day time look.

I studied beauty therapy many years ago and with that came hand in hand the study of make up and special effects make up.
We often had to sit and plot out the make up charts we would use on set and/or for shows or exams, when I found myself doing the chart below for this new series I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun it was ... definitely not a chore as it was in the those days, or rather as I remembered it to be.

Below is a fresh, soft and natural make up with two lip options, that of a matte lipstick or alternatively a lovely soft and glossy lip lacquer.

I have numbered the eye shadows as the appear when looking at the palette and then labelled the eye make-up application areas with the same numbers.

I  personally like to use the lightest eye shadow shade over the whole eye area, it gives an even coloured and smooth area to work with , however these days with more make up options and increasing knowledge of eye make up and primers it means that there is no need to follow this step if you use an eye primer.

I would love to hear what you think about this post , whether you would like to see more of them? watch this space as the 'nightime' look goes live this weekend making use of the same eye shadow palette but changing it up with a little more intensity and bolder lips.

Revlon cosmetics are available from leading retailers and pharmacies and prices vary from ZAR 100 - ZAR 250 each.

For more info visit www.revlon.co.za

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