So last week I shared the first of two posts based on the latest catwalk trend featuring 'nude' or 'barely there' make up but still with attitude ... which I couldn't help but label it 'Nude-Tude'.

Today I have taken the same basics and applied them slightly differently, I have added two brownish/raisin coloured lippies in place of the previous lighter shades, to give a nude night-time or evening 'look'.

I honestly feel this showcases not only how versatile you can be with a small amount of make up which when chosen wisely can be used for multiple 'looks' , but also that you are not limited to always applying your eyeshadow in the same old monotonous way.
As you can see above, the only two products that have changed since the last make-up chart are the lip products.

Once again we are aiming for a natural look, but what you need to know is that at night our skin appears to be paler mainly due to the light which is often artificial light and bounces of the skin, this results in your make up being too light and inevitably you land up looking washed out.

To compensate I have added more of a statement colour on the lips as mentioned above and I am applying the eye make-up in a slightly more intense application.
I have numbered the eye shadows as the appear when looking at the palette and then labelled the eye make-up application areas with the same numbers.

In the above you will notice that I have only used three of the eyeshadows in the quad. I have also carried the darkest brown eyeshadow to the lower lash line and under the eye (not a stripe or too thick) giving it a slightly smokey effect, a far softer look than an eye pencil.

The lippies come in two options that of a lip lacquer which is softer , slightly glossy and a more subtle shade or alternately for those who are bolder and braver, there is a deeper raisin colour in the suede/matte looking lipstick.

Once again I hope that you have enjoyed this kind of post , I will have another make up chart coming up soon so watch this space.

Do leave a comment I value each and every one , in fact it usually makes my day.

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