After turning 40yrs old I really feel the need and importance of maintaining the condition of my skin, just this weekend I had to have a giggle as one of my sisters friends saw me after quite a few years and she couldn't believe I still look the same and had so few wrinkles.

In fact she outright asked me if I'm using Botox and the answer to all and sundry is no no no! I do however make a point of following a good skin care routine both morning and evening , yes ladies I remove my make- up every night.

So here are my secret weapons that keep the wrinkles at bay, boost the collagen and elastin production and improve the overall radiance of my skin.

So here is what I thought ...

Filorga Perfect +
This serum by Filorga is quite a recent launch , it promises to refine , restore and improve the radiance of the skin and it delivers.
I must say that my skin loves this white bottle and my skin looks healthy , I have no breakouts whatsoever and I find it even help clear ny breakouts that may be lurking.
I love this as the perfect serum for ladies who would like the anti-ageing benefits whilst still having the radiant and flawless complexion.

This serum is available from selected Edgars and Red Square stores or

Dermaquest A-M &R Facial Recovery
This serum has a slight vanilla scent , it is gel type serum that goes a long way , it smoothes over the skin leaving it plump , smooth and super hydrated.
This is a great year round option that offers a great anti-ageing and hydrating serum all in one neat little pump dispenser.

This available from selected salons and skn care centers , for more info

Dermaceutic C25 Cream
This is my and now can be your secret weapon against ageing brought on by pollution and environmental aggressors , it boosts the skin , restores the skins natural DEFENCE systematic and helps to combat redness and irritation.
This product is ideal for everyone but is especially great for those that spend a lot of time outdoors , in air conditioned environments or who are looking for a radical boost of anti-oxidants for the skin.

Available at selected salons and skin care centers for more visit

Whilst all of these serums are perfect in their own right I would be hard pressed to choose a favourite after all when it comes to serums I am a serious commitment phobe because I love them all!
What is worth mentioning is that each and every one of these serum are cosmeceutical skin care products and work in the deeper layers of the skin

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