To me hand cream is almost as important as face cream ...yes, I genuinely mean that! About ten years ago I started the journey of being put on blood pressure regulating medication.

I am sure that can appreciate when you have a family with chronic heart disease on both side of the family and in every generation, it is not really an option when your doctor says you need to go on meds for high blood pressure ... but what I never realised is how those meds would negatively affect both my hands and feet.

My hands and feet have become chronically dry and cracked , no amount of hand cream , tissue oil , internal and external supplements seem to be able to rectify this condition .
The result? ...
I live with hand creams everywhere you look and I have tried just about every hand cream I could find .
Yep , I may not have solved my dilemma, but I sure can tell you about hand creams! (take that Wikipedia)

What I look for in a hand cream:
- A rich nourishing texture , but not a greasy residue
- A fast penetrating product that leaves my hands soft , smooth and most importantly comfortable
- A mild fragrance
- Natural and 'Bunny Friendly' where possible
- Affordable
- Anti-aging properties
- In winter a rich formula
- In summer a lighter formula with sunscreen

Today I want to share the latest find from Robanda ...

So here is what I thought ...

Packaging - 
The packaging is simple, elegant and easy to use. The Robanda Anti-Aging Hand Treatment comes with a flip top cap, this makes it a breeze to squeeze out a little product and then just flip it shut with the flick of a wrist. 
The tube itself has a transparent mid-section which makes it easy to see when you product needs replacing.

Fragrance - 
This product has a definite sunscreen aroma to it which is not unpleasant and I found that after a few uses I actually got used to the fragrance and hardly picked up on it thereafter.

Texture - 
The texture of this hand cream is light , it applies in a fairly creamy texture and then disappears into the hands very quickly. I personally think this cream is ideal for those 'hot and sticky' days. The fact that it contains a sunscreen SPF15 makes it even more appropriate than ever.

Efficacy -
For hydration and nourishment I would say this is an average hand cream for me personally, however it contains a sunscreen and that is a rare treasure. 
Our hands age so quickly from the sun and as we get older this shows up as age spots and a loss of elasticity ... how great is it then to finally have a product that is both prevention and relief for everyday wear and tear.

This is the hand cream to keep in your bag in summer (did you know how much your hands burn when driving) as well as in your beach bag.


What you might like to know:
- Helps treat and prevent aging of the hands
- Reduces freckle, wrinkles and fine lines
- Anti-aging and anti-oxidant properties

This product is 'bunny friendly' too.

For more info:

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