I have been working with Tintswalo Atlantic for sometime now and they are possibly my favourite hotel in the Cape Town area. It stands to reason that no one was more shocked than I to read of the hotel burning to the ground in the recent Cape Town run-away fires ... my heart dropped and my prayers went out to all the guests and staff.

Tragedy strikes when we least expect it, and this is the most inspiring 'Phoenix Rising From The Ashes' story that is yet to be told.

I am so happy to share this Press Release with you today  ...

On behalf of Tintswalo Lodges Group
4 March 2015

Tintswalo Atlantic will be rebuilt:
We estimate that the reconstruction process will take several months, but we are positive that we will work together to bring Tintswalo Atlantic back to the shores of Chapman’s Peak.

We will re-open on the 1st December 2015.
As part of public interest we will be documenting our re-build and invite supporters to follow the process on our Tintswalo Atlantic rebuild blog. Gaye Corbett, Tintswalo Lodges Group owner, will be contributing to the contents of the blog herself giving a personal account of what is happening on the ground.

Staff and the community:
There was much concern for our staff and we want to be sure that they are taken care of during this difficult time. Tintswalo Atlantic staff will remain employed and will be assisting in the rebuilding of the property. We have set up an office in Hout Bay, which will be their central hub for the next several months.

Staff will be involved in the Hout Bay community by initiating and running several community projects for the duration of the rebuild. We plan to take this as an opportunity to not only reconstruct our site, but to help build up our local community, who have generously given back to us over these past few difficult days.

Training will also be made available to staff at our other lodges should they want to work at a different property.

Thank-you's and recognition:
We would like to express our sincere gratitude for all of the firefighters, Volunteer Wildlife Services, NSRI and those still out there fighting against this destructive force of nature, you are our real life heroes.

We’d also like to take this time to thank the Cape Town properties that have accommodated our Tintswalo Atlantic guests at such short notice. Hotel owners, managers and staff have pulled together to honour our terms and conditions in order to make this transition smooth and we are incredibly grateful.
Annual charity event, commemorating our heroes:
As a token of our appreciation towards the brave City of Cape Town emergency services, NSRI, the fire department, volunteers and Hout Bay’s community, we will be hosting an annual charity event on the 2nd of March. We will celebrate their bravery and the risks they take on a daily basis by offering every fireman and rescue service person an opportunity to experience the new Tintswalo Atlantic at our yearly event.

A special thank-you to the ever-gracious management team at 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa who have been unbelievably supportive.

For all enquiries and comments regarding the fire at Tintswalo Atlantic please contact Managing Director Michelle du Plessis on +27 (0)11 300 8888

If unable to get ahold of Michelle du Plessis contact Nicky Arthur PR by emailing casey@nickyarthurpr.com or by telephone on +27 (0)21 461 2911

For all enquires regarding a change of reservation please contact Dumi by email on res3@tintswalo.com or by telephone on +27 (0)11 300 8700

I personally would just like to commend the Staff and Tintswalo Lodges on their positive outlook and drive , it is inspiring and gives us all a great example of how to look to the future and building a new dream.

To the people of Cape Town and the companies donating food , safety gear , sunscreen and and and ... I am so proud to see how we look after and cherish our Fire Fighters ..Thank You!

To our Fire Fighters of whom one is a cousin of mine , you guys are amazing and nothing short of Super Heroes thank you for the hard work , sleepless nights and endless drive to protect and serve the community. Stay safe and you are in our prayers.

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