Hermanus is such a quaint little village with it's unique little alley ways , pebbled streets and yester-year antique shops ..
It was in December whilst strolling around oneday I discovered a rather unque alley way and antique shop with a treasure trove of old goods that makes it feel like stroll down memory lane ....

As you will see with the pictures below, there is not one little space that isn't framed in treasures of years gone by. What even more amazing is that after looking at these images what was only about 10m in length appears to be much much more!

So here it is the beginning of this quaint little alley way already featuring the cutest 'Rickshaw'
For these of you not familiar with a rickshaw, it was a means of transport back in the day whereby one passenger sits nestled on the seat whilst the driver is on the front and in this case cycling on a 'tri-cycle' type contraption to get you from point A to point B.
How cute is this bumper framed window sill.
Or this old beetle bonnet and wheel barrow making a cute floral arrangement , this takes up cycling to a whole new level.
Sadly the Kitsch Cafe was no more, despite this cute bicycle marking the space where a once cute and kitsch little coffee shop resided.
Here is yet another rather unique contraption which looks like it hails from the mines, but now it finds itself firmly ensconced between a few rather robust and colourful geranium plants.
An old ladder , tyre frames, watering cans and shutters make another beautiful veignet on one side of the alley way.
On every side there are old treasures that have been repurposed and given a new life and fresh twist.
Here the chicken coup seems to be refuge from prying hands.

Love this repurposed toilet seat frame.
Nothing can contain the joy and sheer imagination that all of these unique little ensembles incite as you meander down the alley way, bending to expect each and every unique display.
Nothing beats the adventure of small town antique shops and when greeted with a unique experience such as this one can only smile, take your time and relish the fact that someone still manages to see the retired pieces of junk as 'object de art' to be proudly displayed.

I found myself nearing the entrance to the store itself and then rather abruptly my adventure came to an end, I was advised that I am not 'allowed' to take pictures in the store itself .... Sad but true!

If ever your find yourself in this little part of Hermanus I sure hope that you too treasure the experience as much as I did , however if you were to ask me for directions I would be at a loss.
Well it's simple really, I found it purely by accident after wandering around for a few hours and really have no idea how to find it again.
I sure you hoped this little walk down memory lane ... Let's do it again sometime .

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