No potato has ever sold me quite like this one! A while back I got to share my experience of using the Konjac Facial Sponge (read here) , I called it my 'pudding' ... well because it looked like a pudding.

The sponge itself though was super soft and so soothing on the skin , mine was infused with french red clay and my skin love love loved every minute of using the sponge.

I have now been blessed with a pair of these fabulous Konjac Eye Make Up Removal sponges ...whoohoo!

So here is what I thought ...

Packaging - 
These little sponges come packaged in a transparent zip lock cosmetic bag which includes a mesh bag to hang your sponges in the shower to dry as well as two pairs of sponges.

Once again these little gems remind me of food and this time it is rice cakes , seriously I must have food issues *tee hee*

Texture -
The texture is coarse and rough when dry, but once you have dampened them thoroughly, they becme soft , squishy and pliable.

It bears mentioning that the new look packaging of Konjac Sponges still includes the familiar logo, but now the sponges come dry as opposed to the damp version.

Efficacy -
They are super soft , great at helping to remove heavy eye make up. On one of my recent 'me' nights I even soaked them in a mixture of cucumber , lavender and Rooibos tea to soothe and decongest my eye area ....bliss!

Nothing can compare to the real Konjac Sponges so don't settle for fakes!

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