I love love love browsing beauty catalogues and brochures , there is something therapeutic about getting lost in newly released products , special offers and old favourites.

Justine is a brand that has been around for the same length of time in the beauty industry as I have and I still love to see how they have evolved , the new innovative packaging and skin care solutions.

Here is a sneak peek at the products that I fell in love with in the latest brochure ...
The JUSTINE TISSUE OIL has been around as long as I remember and even now I use it every night on my arms , hands and elbows to combat dryness , skin damage and cracked skin. I have never tried the TISSUE OIL GOLD and just might have to give this one a try.
As with most beauty bloggers and make-up fanatics I love an eyeshadow palette and these small palette from JUSTINE come in a few lovely combinations and look ultra LUXE in the sleek gold casing ...hmmmm = temptation.

Having bridged the gap and turned 4o last year I am always looking at anti-ageing and firming skin care solutions and whilst I have not as yet tried out the A-FIRM range from Justine it sure does look interesting and not to badly priced either.

Ahhhhh fragrances , all you need do is look at my pinterest board to realize how much I love pretty perfume and the extravagant perfume bottles. I love the simple elegant lines of this fragrance it's rather reminiscent of Chloe's latest fragrance ....so pretty!

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