After going through a phase of wearing fashionable nail colours , testing and trialing a variety of nail polishes for review I found that my nails took quite a beating.

I already have extremely dry hand , nails and cuticles thanks to my blood pressure meds and had been on the lookout for a product that could repair , restore and heal all of the above.

I recently found this Viridian  product which has made remarkable difference on my hands and nails .

So here is what I thought ...

Packaging -
This is an Eco- friendly organic brand and this is reflected in the nature inspired images on the box , the bottle itself is glass preserving the precious oils contained within.
It comes with a rubber topped glass dropper as an applicator which makes it super easy to run over the cuticles or ass a few drop to your favourite hand cream giving it that extra boost of nourishment.

Fragrance -
This has a natural and slightly herbal smell to it, a fragrance which is pleasant and not intrusive in any way. There are no artificial fragrances in this oil.

Texture -
The texture is superfine and penetrates fairly quickly leaving a slight film of nourishment and hydration on the skin. I personally love to apply this NAIL and CUTICLE OIL to my hands prior to sleeping, allowing it to repair and restore my hands undisturbed. ( especially as I never sit still when I am awake.

Efficacy -
For me this product has been super effective in repairing my nails , stopping the horizontal peeling and repairing the cracks in my skin.
I am really enjoying using it and will continue to do so in the hope that I will soon have strong and beautiful nails.
It does bear mentioning that this product also boosted my nail growth.

Retails for ZAR 222.27

Available from: Selected pharmacies and health shops or

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