So this post has been in while in coming but as they say better late than never! As you all know by now I love Revlon cosmetics. I am particularly fond of their foundations , lip butters and lip stains and yet somehow it seems like forever since last I tried one of their lipsticks.

When I was sent these lovelies to try I thought ... Wow! Those are bright! But then I though to myself what the heck is wrong with you? Have you lost your adventurous spirit , your whimsical nature and penchant to have some fun?

Heck no!
I promptly applied one of these lovelies to my lips and wore it all day , it was such fun and I got so many compliments.
So here is what I thought ...

Packaging -
These beauties come in pretty chrome tubes,with transparent acrylic lids that help in beautifully boasting the lovely lip colours contained within.

Fragrance -
The Ultra HD Lipsticks have the most divine sweet taste and the aroma of whipped vanilla and mango cream ... It's heavenly!

Texture -
The texture is that of a lip butter but has a semi-matte look to it. The Revlon Ultra HD lipsticks leave the lips super moist and hydrated thanks to the new revolutionary wax free formula. Revlon have introduced a new gel-base which provides a weightless feel, whilst giving a smoother and more even application.

Efficacy -
The colour deposit is amazing thanks to the new gel-base technology, it wears exceptionally well and stays put, even when you are out eating and drinking ... Almost as if it contains the action of a lip stain.
This lipstick offers full colour coverage in just one coat.

These lipsticks come in 20 trend-setting shades:
- Azalea
- Dahlia
- Geranium
- Gladiolus
- Iris
- Marigold
- Peony
- Petunia
- Pointsettia
- Rose

- Camellia
- Hibiscus
- Hydrangea
- Magnolia
- Orchid
- Poppy
- Primrose
- Snapdragon
- Sweet Pea
- Tulip

I got to try the Gladiolus , Marigold (my personal favourite , a bright orange) and Pointsettia .
All the colours are great to liven up the lips for winter or add a pop of colour in summer.
Retails for ZAR 145.00

Revlon lipsticks are available at leading retailers and pharmacies.

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