There's that old saying that blondes have more fun , well that remains to be proven ... but what is very true about all blondes is that our hair is naturally dry and lacking shine ..... add a few colour treatments , a styling aid such as a GHD and you have recipe for downright damaged hair.

John Frieda is a brand hailing from the UK and recently I got attend a fabulous workshop called #LoveYourLocks where the art of healthy hair was explained and even demonstrated when it came to styling.

Today I want to share with you the most amazing hair treatment oil for blondes , called the Sheer Blonde Lightening Oil Elixir ....

So here is what I thought ...

Packaging -
The bottle is transparent plastic through which you will always be able observe the level of product remaining within the bottle , it comes with a chic gold pump which dispenses metered out amounts of this precious golden oil.
I found that I needed two pumps for my full head of curls and it was more than enough.

Fragrance -
The fragrance is soft and feminine it might even have a slight floral note to it, but nothing overpowering at all.

Texture -
The texture is that of a superfine oil which it is enriched with sunflower and Argan oils, it nourishes , hydrates , adds shine without weighing the hair down at all.
I have fine hair and lots of it , so to me it is an awesome find when I can nourish and add shine with no greasiness at all.

Efficacy -
I love how lightweight this formula is . The oils add a crystal like sparkle to your blonde locks making them look happy , healthy and shiny.
I have truly become addicted to hair oils and this is another fabulous addition to my ever growing list of favourites.

I would highly recommend this brightening oil elixir to anyone with blonde locks , not only will you feel better having healthy locks but you'll also be a better blonde as you sparkle and shine.

Available from selected Clicks stores nationwide.

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