I have made the most lovely beauty buddy in Toronto Canada called Dave Lackie , now if you didn't know here is the inside scoop ... Dave and his blog called DAVE LACKIE.com have the most AHMAZING Competitions and yes you can win (I have) and yes you can win more than once (again I have).

Today's share is a review of the gorgeous powder blush from CHANEL that I recieved from Dave , so let's get to it then shall we?

So here's what I thought ...

Packaging - 
The packaging is gorgeous and 'Luxe' as you would expect of CHANEL. Firstly comes the excitement inducing black and gold glossy box , which in turn contains the most 'huggable' soft black velvet sleeve with the CHANEL Logo embossed onto it ...and lastly *drum roll please*, the gorgeous black  acrylic casing with the white CHANEL logo embosed onto it's lid *ta daaaah*!

There is still nothing that compares to the high end cosmetic packaging , it still manages to incite a 'sqeeeeeee' from my lips of pure glee and excitement!

Fragrance - 
It has a soft flowery scent which disappears after a few minutes, but is evident on application.

Texture - 
The texture of this blush is so superfine it almost seems like a cream as opposed to a powder , this means that not only do you get a great application but it does not creep and crawl into the creases (a tip for us oldies).

This blush applies beautifully and this colour is so natural looking that I can't see how you could not love it. Natural make up is back in a big way, you just need to look at all the latest award ceremony make up ... where the choice seems to be either 'totally natural' or 'extremly bold'.

Efficacy - 
It is a subtle blush which can be built up by layering to achieve a more defined look , it serves well for both day and night and is suited to most skin colours.

I am so enjoying this treat and I am ever thankful to Dave for the spoil.

Go on show him some love and maybe you'll win ... CLICK HERE

Until next time have a beautiful Sunday , remember I might be a little scarce but i'll do my best not to be.

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