So many of us 'pale faces' are always on the search for a self tan that not only adds colour to our 'English rose' complexions but one that does not turn yellow , leave splotchy marks , but even more importantly a tan that fades slowly and evenly over a few days.

I was recently approached to test a self tan system I had never heard of before and I was already impressed when I got to hear that they have a self tan suited to 'fair' skins .... At last it seemed that someone understands my plight and has heeded the call of all us pale faces.

I received a fabulous gift with a pair of exfoliating gloves , the Innovative Hydration for everyday use and lastly the Innovative SelfTan in FAIR.

So firstly let my say I was sold purely by the sleek and rather clinical looking packaging . the box itself featuring the silhouette of marine plants which can only be attributed to the fact that these products are rich in micro-algae extract.

Even more impressive were the actual bottles or should I day pumps . the pumps mean no more juggling tubes or bottles when your hands are full of products ... Fabulous!

So here are my before and after shots, I must say I was so liberated by my lovely tanned legs, that I have actually worn my denim skirt twice in one week a virtual miracle since I have not work a skirt for almost 6 months!

So here is what I thought ...

3 Steps:
  • Exfoliate
Hop in the shower , apply loads of shower gel to the exfoliating gloves and give your body a good and thorough scrub , remembering to focus on the dry areas such as elbows , knees  and ankles.

  • Hydrate - ZAR 120.00
This product is actually designed to extend your tan, however I used it to hydrate my 'dry areas' prior to the tan application, as well as a moisturiser to extend my tan ...
If you hydrate knees , elbows and ankles prior to your tan application it will prevent the product from soaking into the dry skin first and therefore encourages an even tan application.

  • Tan - ZAR 240.00
Apply this thick and slightly tinted cream to your entire body,  avoiding the dry bits until last . Spread the product evenly before applying a second layer.
Take care to include areas like under the arms and arm pits , the buttocks and the neck/décolleté it may look like an artificial tan.
TheTanLab have 4 colour options :
Very fair = Gradual Tan
Fair = Gradual Tan and FAIR
Medium to Dark skin = Gradual and Medium
Dark skin = Gradual Tan and Dark

It takes the tan a full 24 hr to process even after a shower so relax and enjoy.
I have a confession: I usually self tan before bed. I go to bed pale and wake up with a lovely golden tan ... Fabulous!

I absolutely love this self-tanning system , it stands proudly on a shelf in my bedroom, ready to be used at the drop of a hat.

You can get all the info on stockists , pricing etc. online at

The Tan Lab have got you covered for those tan 'crises' coming up this winter!

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