Glamore cosmetics is not only a fairly new online beauty store but also a a direct supplier to fabulous beauty brands hailing from Europe and Poland to be more specific.

I recently got to test two products that were hand picked for me , targeted for the 40+ consumer ( eeeeep! that's me!)

However it must be said that Oceanic cosmetics have a variety of ranges within the AA brand so visit to see what suits your skin's personal requirements.

All the products are dermatologically and allergy tested on people with sensitive skins, and the brand itself has been around for more than 30 years.

This is a lovely opaque white cream packaged in a thin tube which tapers to a plastic nozzle which allows for controlled application and dispensing of product.
The cream applies in a rich nourishing film which soaks into the skin but leaves the surface around the area , soft supple and smooth.

It is important to note that this product is fragrance free, allowing easy use with no unnecessary fragrances and/or irritation.

I personally am loving this product which firms , tightens , hydrates and nourishes. I am enjoying this  product and would highly recommend it. ( see stats from test group below)

Again this is an opaque white cream which is almost buttery in texture and requires a little to go a long way.
This cream is ultra rich, nourishing and hydrating , I found my skin 'slurping it up'. Personally my skin felt firmer , plumper and mer healthy than ever before.

Even though this is a night cream, I still found myself using in the day time , and my skin loves it and keeps asking for more. It improves fine lines and wrinkles , it improves tone of the skin and reduces the effects of aging.
I have adored using the products and found that my skin was normal , there was no stress  just pure happiness minus the spots and irregularities.

I hope that you have enjoyed this review , please show them some love and check out the fabulous website

Disclosure Ranking 2- (Please refer to my disclosure ranking in the 'About Me' section)