So lately I have been a little more scarce than in the past , my friends know that there has been busyness and chaos in my life but not quite what kinda chaos and busyness?

As you are all aware I am not really someone to share my life and personal info in the fullest in the space and place of mine and yet I really felt motivated to share this new chapter in my life.

Since December last year my family has been plagued with illness and hospitals to the tune of :
  • My gran of 91 having a mild heart attack , being admitted into Panorama Heart Hospital and had an emergency stent fitted (we are so grateful as they do not usually due this on elderly patients because of healing complications)
  • Then my Aunt had a scare and also landed up in the heart hospital
  • Then my uncle on my mom's side had a stroke , went paralyzed on the left side and is now thankfully on the road to recovery.
  • Then my uncle on my dad's side had what appeared to be heart attack, which has now been diagnosed as Angina. He is also having another operation in order to be able to treat the angina.
  • Then my mom's aunt who had surgery last year on a brain tumour (in which they damaged a nerve in the operation rendering her paralysed) suddenly had water on the brain. Once again they had to operate , drain and insert a drainage pipe from the brain directly to the stomach ... (please pray for her.)
  • Then last week my half sister's mom passed away and we have the funeral this weekend.
Treasure your life friends and do not forget to be thankful and praise the Lord everyday for your good health it is priceless!
We are truly grateful that most of the family are recovering. We are a strong family and I am ever grateful that we are close and weathering these storms together.

As if that is not enough , business is slow and some decisions had to be made , this resulted in me leaving the family business and starting a new journey of employment with GO BEAUTY.

I can't tell you how happy and ecstatic I am to be a part of this team!

My days are jam packed , self managed and full of adventure. All my skill sets are utilised and challenged daily, making my work adventure a truly happy and enjoyable experience.

It does however mean that I will not be on the pulse of things as much as previously , it does not mean I am going anywhere!
If anything I have some exciting goodies in the pipeline for my followers and I will still be blogging, maybe just not everyday.

I love you gals and you mean the world to me so watch this space as it evolves into a truly happy place, more than ever before.
Celebrate friends , treasure family and live well as tomorrow is never a promise!

Love and hugs to you all!

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